“When I was younger, I wanted braces so I can look cute. Now I know that they really help your teeth and smile. I did not have my top two teeth when I first came here. Dr. Jenkins brought them down and now my teeth look straight. I tell my friends that my orthodontist is better than theirs!” – Rah-Sha A., age 13

“Having straight teeth has increased my confidence tremendously. I no longer talk with my hand over my mouth. As a new college graduate, it is important for me to bring this confidence into the workplace. Thanks Dr. Jenkins! ” – Ebony J.

“Orthodontic treatment has been a family affair for us. It started out with my youngest child Rah-Sha then two weeks later my oldest daughter, Ebony, started treatment. Having seen what braces can do for my children, I decided to join them. The level of customer service that Dr. Jenkins and her staff provide is one I have never experienced in any other office. Every aspect of service, from the ease of payment to the overall care, is wonderful. Patients really matter here, and you know it the first moment you walk in. I highly recommend Dr. Jenkins to anyone of any age who would want to improve the appearance and health of their teeth. ” – Dr. Marilyn A., Fontana, CA

“I never thought having braces as an adult would be such a pleasant experience! Because Dr. Jenkins also had braces as an adult, I felt she could really relate to me and that put me at ease. Her education and experience gave me confidence I was in good hands, and her calm demeanor and professional staff made every office visit a real pleasure. If you’re an adult looking for straighter teeth, I highly recommend Dr. Jenkins! ” – Eileen C., Upland, CA

“Our son has been treated by Dr. Jenkins, and staff, for approximately one and one half years thus far. We are very grateful for the excellent care we have received, not only by Dr. Jenkins, but also by her very competent staff. We have full confidence in Dr. Jenkins’ skill level in treating our son, Matthew. She has been nothing but patient and accommodating. Her manner with the clients she treats is patient and calming, which we truly appreciate. Our thanks and appreciation to Dr. Jenkins and staff. ” – Ann H., Alta Loma, CA

“Hi Dr. Jenkins and Staff,
This note is to let you know how EXTREMELY happy I am with your office and services. When I first arrived at your facility I had my doubts about what an orthodontist could do for constant earaches, headaches and facial pain. I had been to the doctor and they told me I didn’t have ear infections or anything really wrong with me. But the pain continued. I had no idea what TMJ was, but Dr. Jenkins does!!”

“Dr. Jenkins, well aware of my skepticism over the idea that a splint would bring any relief, asked me to just try it and basically trust her experience and knowledge. That by far has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’ve been wearing the splint for some months now and can report that I have been virtually pain free for several months.”

“Dr. Jenkins is not only an awesome doc but a truly nice person who is very patient and explains the how and why of her treatment plan very thoroughly. Additionally, her staff is very knowledgeable in their own right, are very friendly, and I really appreciate their reminder calls about appointments.”

“I would highly recommend Dr. Jenkins to anyone needing orthodontics (even if you don’t know you do!). Best regards,” – Pat Z., Rancho Cucamonga, CA


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